Everyday Capsules Set

Everyday Capsules Set

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Everyday minerals (MONTH supply) includes:

60 gut cleansing capsules 

30 heart / mineral capsules 

30 appetite suppressant capsules 

Improve nutrient and mineral absorption by supporting your healthy gut bacteria with prebiotic fiber. Stinking toe fruit powder is rich in prebiotic fiber that fuels beneficial gut bacteria that serve human health.

A healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract is essential for good health. If your gut is imbalanced, you will become malnourished as nutrients and minerals pass through the digestive tract without ever being absorbed.

Gut bacteria produces enzymes that break down plant cell walls so the natural components are available for digestion. 



Individuals who are pregnant or with an existing medical condition should seek qualified expert advice before using any herb or spice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult your physician. Due to new government laws, we are not allowed to provide medical advice or suggest any particular usage about any of the herbal supplement products we carry.


Each package contains 60 capsules. This is a 30 day supply. I recommend taking 1-2 capsules a day in the rising as it gives you energy and regulates your bowel movements. Stay hydrated. Make sure you’re getting in at least 32oz of Spring Water.

HPMC capsules are FDA approved pharmaceutical-grade all vegetarian (vegan) Kosher and Halal certified.