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Damiana herb benefits:

1. Reduces vaginal dryness & increases females sexual drive
2. Intensifies female orgasms
3. Viagara-effects without harmful side effects
4. Reverses impotence & enhances male sexual performance
5. A healthy alternative to menopausal hormones
6. AIDS I’m feeling full after smaller meals and overall weight-loss


Instructions: Take 1-2 capsules a day. Make sure you’re drinking 32oz to a gallon of spring water a day so the herbs are able to funnel through your system. I recommend taking one capsule in the rising and one after your heaviest meal. For most, that’s lunch time. 

1 Simple Ingredient: Damiana 

You can have seamoss added for an additional $10. The option is named “Damiana + Seamoss.” PLEASE make sure you’ve selected the correct one.

Product Description: This is a one month supply. 60 capsules. Capsules are kosher and 100% organic! Capsule size is 0. 


Legal Disclaimer: Please note: See your doctor, herbalist, nutritionist, etc. If you are ill and looking for ways to heal. These herbs do not take place of a consultation with your trusted physician. This product has been evaluated by the FDA.