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This mix of handpicked herbs will have you saying goodbye to unwanted belly fat and saying hello. Want to get your bowels moving? This is for you. Need more energy and more room for my alkaline foods? You guess it! This is for you. 

Herbs used:

  • Prodigiosa 
  • Cascara Sagrada 
  • Rhubarb Root 

Capsules come in monthly quantities so make sure you’re reading the drop down selections carefully. We recommend starting out with the Starter 1 month supply which contains 90 capsules. This means you’ll be taking 2 capsules in the rising and 1 before your heaviest meal. The 1 month supply will contain 60 in which you would do 1 in the rising and the other before your heaviest meal. 🤍




Legal Disclaimer: Please note: See your doctor, herbalist, nutritionist, etc. If you are ill and looking for ways to heal. These herbs do not take place of a consultation with your trusted physician. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.