Alkaline Egg Replacement

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Alkaline Egg Replacement

You have the versatility to make the following:

  • Scramble 🍃
  • Fritters 🍃
  • Omelette  

Listen! Comes PRE-Seasoned with our Alkaline All Purpose Seasoning Blend or you have the option to purchase without, up to you. 😌 We will also have a gluten free option. 

ONLY 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Pour mixture into a bowl.

Step 2: Add spring water or any approved, homemade, “not Mylk” mixture, i.e. hemp, coconut or walnut.

Step 3: If you’re going to make scramble or omelette, mix until it’s a “yolk-like” consistency. If you’re going to make fritters, make sure you add less water, just enough to make a patty.

Step 4: Sauté your peppers and add mixture. :)



- Each container holds about 3oz